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Our virtual airline, Transavia-va, simulates the operations of Transavia France. As a virtual version of Transavia France, flight simulation allows our pilots to operate across Europe, using their Boeing 737NG fleet. Through its core values ​​of Safety, Care, Integrity and Passion, Transavia-va creates a community that surpasses that of any other virtual airline.

Want to fly to more than 100 destinations in Europe?

Which aircraft make up the Transavia fleet?
Number of planes 71
Number of seats 189
Cruising speed about 925 km/h
Engines CFM56-7B
Flight autonomy about 4 700 km
Length 39,5 meters
Height 12,5 meters
Wingspan 34,4 meters
Max. mass on takeoff 79 242 kg
Cockpit crew Captain and Airline Pilot Officer
Cabin crew Chef and cabin and 3 or 4 hostesses/stewards

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